Tips On Cleaning Your Pool

Tips On Cleaning Your Pool

If you have a pool at home and it is time to prepare for the first bath of the season. I you may have forgotten this facility during the remainder of the year and is now when you remember you want to do one of those barbecues you both enjoyed in summer with the family but of course not be a perfect event not has list pool so guests can soak and get rid of heat.

But the problem is that the pools are not kept alone and require some care to make water all summer as clean and pure as possible. Here we will show some tips for you to clean and look after the pool during the coming months.

Automatic or manual

We use an automatic? Cleaner or one manual the question is in the air and we will try to answer. Automatic cleaners are perfect for those who lack the time and inclination to take good care of the pool. We refer to water filtration equipment such as a water treatment plant day to day charge of removing undesirable substances from water and it retains its natural color.

Most pools already have this type of filtration equipment so if you’re purchasing a facility and to enjoy in summer know that maintenance will be easy. Among the advantages of equipment filtering out that the water is always kept in motion, so that the effectiveness of the cleaning agents are put into the water is substantially improved.

However, cleaning a pool is not limited to getting rid of leaves and bugs that may have fallen into the water you also have to give it a chemical treatment for the user pool can bathe in healthy water. To do this we must try to keep the bottom clean pool and prevent water deposits from forming. Many people choose to undertake this work themselves because the results are better than if it uses only a purifier just done with a scanning line of pools and pass by every day thoroughly to remove dust and other particles that may have accumulated.

Clean bottom of pool

External factors such as temperature also affect the cleanliness of the pool. When the temperature is between 20 and 25 ° C more destabilized the PH of the water, so the direct consequences is that algae are formed faster and more care will have to procure the pool. The same applies to the storms. If the pool is discovered the rain water from the pond is muddy and has to clean it again to return to its initial state.

Repairs in the pool

When you set up the pool has come. Before that verifies that the surface is in good condition and not to make any repairs to the pool. If you see that there are broken tiles or drain is in disrepair you should call a mason to repair.

Pool surface

Then, get a good team and acid brushes and some algae product. Rub briskly all the tiles and the floor of the pool to remove dirt. For this applies acid and pressurized water. Do not forget to wear gloves and boots to protect the feet and hands.

Before refilling the pool checks the water treatment plant works properly. Change filters with new ones, to ensure that the water is renewed with a certain quality. That’s it. You can now proceed to fill the pool and enjoy it all summer.

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