Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

The end of winter is in sight and now is a great time to start thinking about spring hues and designs to lighten and brighten your living space. By choosing multi-functional items, and minimising clutter with smart storage, you’ll also free up space, to create that airy feel which is synonymous with the warmer months.

Work with colour
Winter’s colours are typically associated with the festive season, and include deep reds, holly greens, jazzy golds and regal purples – essentially deep jewel colours that work well with darker nights and colder days. However, spring signals a change in mood, lightness and weather, and demands a lighter touch. Seek out shades that reflect the season of renewal, taking inspiration from the earliest spring flowers for a fresh colour palette. Cool powdery blues, soft blush pinks, primrose yellows and soft greens all work beautifully – as do lavender and ivory. Choose fabrics and finishes that reflect these light colours – transparent voiles or airy curtains, colour pop cushions, light beech woods and natural accessories such as spring bulbs and floral displays.

Clear up and secure space

If winter has left you with piles of books, toys, clothes and other ‘stuff’ which is no longer needed, then do a seasonal clear out and rationalise your possessions – and your family’s too if necessary! Invest in multi-tasking furniture, such as display coffee tables, footstools with integrated storage and sofa beds that can provide seating for the family and an extra emergency bed when required. Deep storage units on castors are flexible and bookcases with doors can hide a multitude of sins! Aim to keep things off the floor- the eye is tricked by sweeping floor expanses and sees the space as bigger than it really is. Conversely, a room packed with possessions looks cluttered and instantly smaller.

If you develop a great background style – with neutral floors and walls and high quality seating – then you can adapt your living space to suit the seasons at minimal expense. Choose natural woods and neutral shades for your base, and then add bright colours, interesting textures and artistic features to suit the time of year. For spring you could add fresh cushions, a bright print or canvas for the wall, a fresh lily scented candle, a vase of daffodils and a pretty throw for cooler evenings.

Find inspiration
A home decorating guide can be very useful if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration. Try a designer’s resource site to see what the latest trends and fashion are in the world of home styling. Pinterest can also be very handy for creating bespoke online mood boards – but don’t forget that you can also create superb print moodboards simply by cutting out inspirational photos, graphics and colours and assembling them onto a pin board while your ideas evolve.

There are also some great online courses or training guides available if you’re looking to get serious about your interior design and learning about the impact of layout, colour, texture and spatial planning can really add a professional touch to your home.

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